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OpenID, take 3

I've just broken down and logged on to my first OpenID system. I looked through my password collection and found my Yahoo! login. I went to to create myself an OpenID account, and then I updated my own website to include the OpenID links:

<link rel="openid.server" href="" />
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="" />

I logged on to the only OpenID site that I knew of,, and it worked perfectly. Because Yahoo! had cookied my browser, I didn't need to enter any password at all. The great thing is that I can change the openid.server and openid.delegate any time I want. I will always be, even if I start using some other OpenID service (perhaps my own!).

I'm looking forward to more OpenID capable sites appearing. Perhaps I'll find time one day to write a plugin (or something) for Mephisto to support OpenID logins. If I'm going to say that online identity is the next big thing, I should throw my weight behind the one I'm going with.

Some readers may find it interesting that a few weeks ago I didn't like the idea of OpenID and now I'm giving it my support. Basically, OpenID appears to be getting some traction. I still stand behind the problems I identified, but better an open, distributed identification system taking hold than a proprietary one.

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