Liquid Media's Apps

apple, os x, server, and snow leopard Comments
Now running on Jekyll
jekyll and rails Comments
postgres, rails, ruby19, and unicode Comments
Staging/development instance
capistrano, deployment, rails, and staging Comments
Motorway Map
map, organization, and tube Comments
archflags, compile, gem, postgres, and ruby Comments
MySQL can't count
awful, fix, fork, github, habtm, and rails Comments
github, session timeout, sessions, and sessiontimeout Comments
Agile Documentation
agile, documentation, and presentation Comments
iPod Touch
apple, canada, iphone, ipod, remote, and rogers Comments
acts_as_solr, apache, init.d, java, rails, and solr Comments
I finally "git" it
development, distributed, git, github, and version control Comments
canada, government, lame, and ttc Comments
apple, cellular, crtc, iphone, and mobile Comments
iPhone in Canada
Apple, fees, and iPhone Comments
RubyFringe coming up!
countries Comments
protect_from_forgery, rails, and security Comments
Good on Apple
apple, ie, safari, and web standards Comments
bug, logging, and rails Comments
Domain Specific Languages
domain specific languages, dsl, object orientation, oo, and rails Comments
First Rails contribution
core, patch, and rails Comments
MySQL Acquisition
mcclanahan, mysql, rails, railsconf europe, and sun Comments
SafeErb and Rails security
cross-site scripting, rails, security, tainting, and xss Comments
Spontaneous Clarification
agile, openacs, rails, and web development Comments
Spontaneous Combustion
django, mongrel, spontaneous combustion, and zed Comments
Happy New Year!
bookkeeping, business, goals, masters, new years, professional, and resolutions Comments
databases, scaling, simpledb, and thrudb Comments
Guessing Centuries
activerecord, date parsing, monkey patching, parsedate, and rails Comments
Amazon SimpleDB
amazon, aws, and simpledb Comments
Apache 2.2 on Leopard
apache, leopard, and rails Comments
barefoot, branding, effective, and marketing Comments
graphics, rails, ruby, testing, and tk Comments
Creating your own HTML tag
html structure javascript Comments
geocode and maps Comments
Pillars of Web 2.0
ajax, api, pillars, social networking, user content, and web 2.0 Comments
Webby Honoree for 3 Awards
media volunteer and webby Comments
Password Strength
passwords and security Comments
google maps rails ajax mapping geocoding Comments
Moving to Toronto
toronto Comments
Facebook visualizer
facebook and network graph Comments
Spare cycles
long tail and spare cycles Comments
Magic Roundabout
magic roundabout Comments
Even more fame
ego, google, googlesift, and mike mccaffrey Comments
On the Beeb!
bbc, beeb, and oxford geek nights Comments
Looking Real Good
beauty and photos Comments
Harness self-interest
media volunteer and self-interest Comments
John Edwards
edwards, faux news, fox news, i rule, media, politics, and twitter Comments
Distributed Proofreaders
distributed volunteering, media volunteer, and project gutenberg Comments
OpenID gaining momentum
authentication, identity, openid, and trust Comments
OpenID, take 3
authentication, identity, openid, and trust Comments
OpenID, take 2
authentication, identification, identity, networking, openid, and trust Comments
The Next Trend
mediavolunteer, open source, radar, and technology Comments
Hackable Government
advocacy, databases, and volunteering Comments
authentication, identification, identity, networking, openid, and trust Comments
dotherightthing, ethics, online communities, and starbucks Comments
New Year's Resolution
new year and professional Comments