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Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon SimpleDB. I'm excited.

I love the dead-simple REST interface. I love the non-RDBMS approach. Although I've been using and thinking relational DB's for about 8 years, I'm ready to try something new and to think different. This system seems relational enough that it won't be completely unfamiliar, and it seems like it would be fast enough, given that all the keys are indexed.

I also really like the cost structure. I can keep my database running all the time, and the way I use things, I'm sure it won't cost me more than pennies per month... at least until one of my sites hits the Big Timeā„¢.

In any case, I'm hoping that my name comes up so I can fool around with the closed beta. I know just the project I want to try to build with SimpleDB! I'll write more as I get into the service.

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