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Good on Apple

Apple released Safari 3.1 today. (news article). I'm really proud of them because they're releasing 3.1 for Tiger as well as Leopard. This makes me happy because they're making sure that Tiger users have an up-to-date browser, which means that I can (more-or-less) assume that all Mac users are running the latest-and-greatest. This makes web development much easier, since I'm not fighting with a whole lot of different versions of Safari.

It would be similarly nice if I could count on all (read: most) installations of Internet Explorer being IE 7 (and soon IE 8) and all Firefoxes being (and soon 3.0). But sadly there are still too many IE 6's out there to be able to ignore them.

Note: Incidentally, for those of you who would say "support all browsers", I tend to agree, but with a more pragmatic take on it: support all browser versions from the last 3-4 years, and anything older, aim to give them access to the content by following web standards as closely as possible. They won't get the full experience, but they are coming to the site for the content anyway, so make sure they get at least that. Oh, and no one needs to support Netscape 4.7.

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