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iPhone in Canada

The iPhone is finally coming to Canada, and I'm disappointed.

First, Rogers and Fido are offering identical plans, differentiated only by the things that differentiate the providers - evenings with Fido start at 7 p.m. rather than 9 p.m., and Fido has per-second billing. The prices, number of minutes, number of text messages, etc. are all the same across the board. This is, I suppose what you get when your two country's two GSM providers are the left and right pockets of Ted Rogers.

Second, the data rates are absurd. On the lowest plan, you get 400 mb/mo. Sure, 400 mb is a fair bit (I think I use about 2.5 GB/mo. on my broadband connection, and I'm working full time on it), but the fact that the limitation is there when AT&T (US) and O2 (UK) have unlimited data reminds me that I'm living in the third world, telecom-wise.

Third, the prices are kind of nuts. The price points are $60, $75, $100 and $115, all for varying minutes, data, and outgoing SMS messages. But it doesn't stop there! To wit: my monthly plan with Fido is $35/mo, yet I find myself paying about $65/mo. You can assume the same will be true with the iPhone plans! To get the "I know I don't really need this but what's the point of having a mobile without it" Call Display feature, you have to buy the $15/mo. "Value Pack", which offers another two popular features I've ummm.. never heard about1. Add to that the offensive "System Access Fee" (a.k.a. "Profit Fee") of $6.95/mo, plus a few long distance minutes, and I would easily hit $90/mo. on the $60 plan.

Fourth, although they haven't specified it, all indications are that the iPhone will only be available on a three-year contract, whether you go with Rogers or Fido.

Needless to say, I won't be getting an iPhone. I think I'll get an iPod Touch and enjoy its web browsing features (although WiFi only) instead. I'll also fill in the Fuck you Rogers petition.

1 It may be [hopefully!] possible to get Call Display on its own... interestingly, I pay $11/mo. for voice mail, call display and 50 text messages. With the iPhone plan I would have to pay $15 extra just to get call display (voice mail and more than 50 texts are already included in the iPhone plan).

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